Chemistry/Petroleum | Ethanol Production | Enhanced Process Control with Process Instruments from Anton Paar

Explore advanced methods (mass flow, density and concentration) in bioethanol production using Anton Paar’s process sensors. Gain insights for enhancing efficiency, quality, and compliance in production by learning the importance of precise monitoring during liquification, fermentation, distillation, and purification.

In the dynamic field of bioethanol production, the precision of inline measurement methods is crucial for efficiency, quality, and compliance. This report focuses on mass flow, density and concentration measurements using the L-Cor 8000 flowmeter and the L-Dens 7500 density meter, essential for optimizing key stages in the production process. Accurate measurements are vital as bioethanol, a sustainable fuel, gains more and more importance in the market.

In bioethanol production (Figure 1), there are two different ways to obtain ethanol, which vary depending on the country and the availability of raw materials. Either you use corn, barley or wheat as raw materials and then process them further or you use sugar juice from sugar cane or sugar beet from sugar factories and produce ethanol from it. These two processes through to fermentation are different and therefore have different requirements.

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