Chemistry | OCR | Inline solution for measuring the oil circulation ratio (OCR) in the eco-friendly refrigerant CO2

The importance of the environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2 (R744) has been steadily increasing in recent years, with the measurement of oil content in cooling circuits playing a significant role. For this purpose, Anton Paar offers sophisticated measuring systems based on the density sensor L-Dens 7400 which measure OCR in real time and with highest accuracy.

OCR measurement in CO2

CO2 or R744 plays an increasingly important role in the refrigeration industry as it is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective refrigerant. It also offers the advantages of being neither flammable nor toxic. Compared to the operation of refrigeration cycles with conventional refrigerants, the R744 process runs at temperatures and pressures above its critical point. Therefore, R744 refrigeration systems involve high working pressures of up to 150 bar, which is approx. five times higher than for R134a or R1234yf. The common feature of all refrigeration systems is that a certain amount of oil is added to the refrigerants in the cooling circuit. The oil is important for lubricating the compressor, but it also has a decisive influence on the efficiency of the cooling circuit. The oil content in the refrigerant is also known as oil circulation ratio (OCR).

The accurate measurement of the OCR with process sensors of Anton Paar offers the possibility to monitor this decisive parameter directly and continuously in real time during the running process. Inline measurement replaces the mostly complicated and costly sampling for laboratory measurements with pressure pycnometers. The Anton Paar solution thus significantly contributes to reducing laboratory costs and to time-saving adjustment of the optimum oil content in the cooling circuit.

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