Chemistry | OCR | Inline OCR measurement systems for the real-time monitoring of oil contents in refrigerants

Anton Paar's reliable L-Sonic 6100 process sensor systems allow continuous real-time oil concentration monitoring in cooling circuits and provides a cost-effective and accurate alternative to time-consuming and complex laboratory measurements.

OCR in cooling circuits

An essential factor for the efficiency of cooling circuits is the oil content of the refrigerants used, also called oil circulation ratio (OCR). The precise measurement of OCR with Anton Paar`s process sensors offers the possibility to monitor this crucial parameter directly and continuously in real time during the ongoing process. Inline measurement replaces the often complicated and costly sampling for laboratory measurements with pressure pycnometers. In this way, the Anton Paar solution makes a significant contribution to reducing laboratory costs and setting the optimum oil content in the refrigeration circuit in a more time-efficient way.

In the compression process of cooling circuits, refrigerants such as R134a, R1234yf, R404 and R32, among others, are applied. Polyester oil (POE), polyalphaolefins (PAO) or polyalkylene (PAG) are typically necessary to lubricate the compressor. With many years of experience in OCRmeasurement, Anton Paar can offer process solutions for all refrigerants in combination with the oils mentioned. Furthermore, it is possible to develop tailor-made solutions for customerspecific requirements.

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