Chemistry | Identify your Products and Phases Easily and Instantly with the High-Precision L-Sonic 5100 from Anton Paar

Anton Paar is one of the world's leading suppliers of inline sound velocity measurement. Our robust and well proven L-Sonic 5100 series, is the industry benchmark for fast and reliable product detection in pipelines as well as phase separation in tanks and vessels. Easy integration, durable design and always on spot – that is why experts from all major industries over the world rely on the precision and perfection of Anton Paar inline sound velocity measurements.

Sound velocity - The ideal physical quantity

Basically, there is hardly any other physical parameter that is more suitable for inline phase detection and prod-uct identification than the sound velocity.
Since each liquid medium has its own characteristic value of sound velocity, this parameter can be used excellently for the differentiation or recognition of various products.
Regardless of whether the substance is organic or inorganic, the L-Sonic 5100 from Anton Paar is the well proven industry-standard to detect and distinguish between different phases within seconds.
Due to its cost-efficient and fast integration, as well as its maintenance-free design, the L-Sonic 5100 is trusted by many experts worldwide.
In case that the sound velocity of two to be differentiated liquids is too similar, Anton Paar has also a portfolio solution. Here the combination of density and sound velocity has proven to be the perfect match. With an L-Dens 7400 and L-Sonic 5100 or L-Com 5500, too very sound velocity similar products can be distinguished in-line.

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