Chemistry | CH3COOH | Inline concentration measurement of acetic acid with high-precision systems from Anton Paar

Anton Paar is one of the world's leading suppliers of inline concentration measurement systems for the chemical industry. Easy integration, durable design and always on spot – these are the key points that characterize our well proven process sensors. These criteria are necessary for accurate assessment of acetic acid with an accuracy of up to 0.07 % in a range of 0-100 %.

Anton Paar, the reliable partner

Acetic acid (CH3COOH) is one of the world’s most important base chemicals and also used in various down-stream production processes.
Anton Paar provides a well proven portfolio for precise inline concentration measurement of acetic acid. Whether concentration monitoring during the industrial production of acetic acid, monitoring acetic acid concen-tration in downstream processes or for product detection and incoming quality control - Anton Paar has always the right solution.
Thanks to our extensive portfolio using different physical measuring principles, Anton Paar can always offer the best possible solution and not just any solution.
The L-Sonic 5100 sound velocity series from Anton Paar provides highly accurate and reliable concentration measurement of CH3COOH even under harshest pro-cess conditions, therefore being the first choice when it comes to consistent concentration measurement during acetic acid production process.
The L-Dens 7400 series and L-Com 5500 series com-plete Anton Paar’s unbeatable inline concentration meas-urement portfolio. The report focuses on inline concentration measurement points using the L-Sonic 5100 in the Monsanto process. Beside production monitoring, also quality assessment of incoming acetic acid, phase and product detection and dilution processes can be controlled with the Anton Paar acetic acid portfolio.

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