Chemicals | Rotational Viscosity Testing of Isocyanates with ViscoQC

Isocyanates are important raw materials in the chemical industry, for producing polyurethane foams/resins, paintings and glues. Easy and reliable viscosity testing with the ViscoQC series helps you characterizing your isocyanates and guarantees high quality of your end products.


Isocyanates are a large group of organic chemicals used in the production of resins, paints and glues. A large application area is the manufacturing of polyurethanes which are synthetized from isocyanates. Depending on the type of isocyanates used, polyurethanes with different mechanical properties and characteristics can be created. They are used in the form of foams in vehicle construction or in paints and coatings because of their good adhesion properties to name only two of various available applications. The viscosity of isocyanates is used for classifying them and has a major influence on their properties and performance.

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