Characterization of a Low-Viscosity Surfactant Solution Using a Double-Gap Geometry

Materials in industrial applications and everyday life, e.g. injection-molded plastics or injected pharmaceutical substances, are often subjected to high shear loads. Anton Paar’s TwinDrive technology in combination with a double-gap measuring system allows characterization of low-viscous samples at high shear rates.


The air-bearing-based Modular Compact Rheometer (MCR) from Anton Paar with an additional lower rotational drive can be operated in several ways:

  1. Using only the upper motor in the so-called combined motor transducer mode (CMT). The upper drive rotates and measures the torque.
  2. Using the additional lower motor in the so-called separate motor transducer mode (SMT). The lower drive rotates, the upper drive measures the torque.
  3. Using both motors in counter-movement mode. Both drives rotate, the upper drive measures the torque.

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