Callisto 100: A Small Cooling Unit for a Single Instrument

With the Julabo CF41 a small refrigerated circulator model is now available to be used with a single Callisto 100. Its small footprint and filling volume minimize costs and bench space.


In testing laboratories space is a rare good. The provided room may not be sufficient for all instruments and devices needed to perform the relevant measurements. Anton Paar offers the possibility to run the Cold Filter Plugging Point tester Callisto 100 with a small external cooling unit saving valuable space in the laboratory and reducing costs.

The Callisto 100 is a fully automated and compact CFPP tester operated by a touchscreen. It contains all required components according to the standard method. Testing and results are in full compliance with ASTM D6371, EN 116, EN 16329, JIS K2288 and IP 309.

The Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) method is used to determine the low-temperature operability of diesel fuel, biodiesel, blends and gas oils. The CFPP is a critical property used to forecast the lowest temperature at which a fuel will freely flow through filters in a diesel engine system.

All diesel fuels contain waxes. When the temperature of the fuel decreases, wax crystals will begin to precipitate at some point. If a certain amount of waxes have precipitated, the crystals can block the fuel flow through filters and other restricted passages in the fuel system.

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