Burger Elegance: Innovative Extrusion with Alternative Proteins

Food innovators are searching for alternative protein sources to create meat analogues for a sustainable and healthy diet. While in the past mainly soy was used, food producers are looking for other materials that can be sourced locally. Furthermore, the quality of meat analogues has often been related to a gummy texture and a not attractive soy taste. Within this study, different alternative sources were determined in terms of their performance to create a high-quality meat analogue product. Commonly, meat analogues are made by High Moisture Extrusion (HME) or Low Moisture Extrusion (LME) or a combination of both, to create a meat-like texture. In this study, the samples were made by HME.

Food innovators are seeking alternative protein sources to develop sustainable and healthy meat analogues, moving beyond the traditional use of soy. This study focuses on the performance of alternative proteins—pea, oat, and Faba bean—in the creation of high-quality burger patties. Commonly, meat analogues are produced through High Moisture Extrusion (HME), and this research explores the potential of these alternative protein sources to address challenges related to texture and taste in meat analogues.

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