Bugging Out: Insects as Fishmeal Alternatives - Transforming Products and Extrusion

This study explores the viability of insect meal as an economical and sustainable raw material for fish feed. Utilizing Torque Tec Instruments, the research focuses on optimizing feed composition through rheological analysis. The methodology includes moisture determination and gelatinization property analysis, enhancing insights into fish feed digestibility.

In light of the escalating expenses and ecological repercussions associated with fish meal production, the utilization of insect meal emerges as a promising alternative for the cost-effective generation of raw materials in the manufacturing of fish feed. This potential transition is underscored by the remarkable attributes of insect meal, including its elevated protein content and biological valence, which are pivotal elements in the development of sustainable feed formulations. The Anton Paar Brabender Instruments, through its innovative technologies, offers a feasible solution for the exploration and optimization of fish feed production on a smaller laboratory scale. This entails not only the meticulous analysis of rheological properties in the final product but also provides a platform for refining the composition of raw materials and enhancing manufacturing processes. In essence, the integration of the Anton Paar Brabender Instruments into the production workflow facilitates a comprehensive approach towards achieving both economic viability and environmental sustainability in the evolving landscape of fish feed manufacturing.

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