Black as Night: Zeta Potential and Particle Size Measurements of Carbon Black Dispersed in Organic Solvents

Carbon black is a material that is used for various applications such as tires and rubber production, coatings and inks. Since both particle size and the stability of the dispersion are affecting the final product, it is important to determine these parameters accurately. In this application report carbon black dispersed in different organic solvents was measured to investigate the quality and stability of the dispersions.


Carbon black is composed of carbon particles in the nanometer range, which exhibit a high surface-area-to-volume ratio. Due to its special properties, like excellent thermal and electrical conductivity or good
resistance to UV- light, carbon black is widely used in various applications such as:

  • Tires and rubber production: as an additive to rubber, used as filling or strengthening agent.
  • Plastic and chemical industry: for conductive packaging, coatings and films.
  • Coatings: for enhancing pigmentation or conductivity in automotive, wood and aerospace industries.
  • Inkjet inks and toners: as black coloring agent, enhances formulation and gives a strong color

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