Beverages | Viscosity Measurement for High Quality Beer

Determining the viscosity of wort ensures that only raw materials of highest quality are used for beer production leading to identical beer from brew to brew. Lovis 2000 ME can easily be integrated into Anton Paar beer measuring assemblies and stands for viscosity measurement at its best.

1 Quality control during beer production

For brewers it is essential to produce beer of high and constant quality from brew to brew.

This consistency and quality is guaranteed by determining several quality parameters of the raw materials and finished beer in breweries and malt houses throughout the production process.

1.1 Quality control of malt and beer

Depending on the harvest, climate, soil composition and brand, the malt quality can vary a lot. As breweries need a consistent level of quality and each beer recipe requires very specific malt properties and mixtures, the quality control of the malt is a very important step in the beer production.

Malt is generated by controlled germination and drying of grain. The process consists of several steps, which ensure that enzymes inside the grain are created and activated. These enzymes are responsible for degrading the starch into fermentable sugars later on during the brewing process.

One of the most important aspects regarding the malt is how it performs during the mash and how well it converts its contents to fermentable sugar.

To determine how well specific malt performs the measurement of congress wort is a commonly used method. The congress wort is produced from the malt in the so called “congress mash”, a standardized procedure according to the EBC European Brewery Convention. Afterwards it is analyzed for various parameters such as density, pH, viscosity, and color.

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