Beverage | Beer | Perfect solutions for the brewing process with Anton Paar's L-Sonic 5100 sound velocity sensor

Monitoring the brewhouse process with Anton Paar’s L- Sonic 5100 brewery solutions ensures a constant product quality, unique product specification, decreases out-of-spec production and guarantees a satisfied and happy end-customer.

Our experience is your success

In several decades of experience, Anton Paar has acquired an excellent know-how of monitoring and measuring at all steps in the brewing process. From the biggest industrial-shaped breweries to very small but sophisticated craft beer manufacturers, the best of them rely on the expertise and the sensors of Anton Paar.
From wort monitoring to filling process, from laboratory analysis to inline measurement, Anton Paar provides the full portfolio for a successful brewery process.
Based on our experience, Anton Paar has defined several specific measurement locations within the brewhouse that are common critical points for quality control, quality assurance and data acquisition. Simultaneously, one can save time, manpower and money when using the fast and reliable Anton Paar inline measurement systems.
Beside the precise density measurement system (L- Dens 7400), Anton Paar also offers cost-effective and easy to integrate brewhouse process monitoring solutions which can be realized by using L- Sonic 5100 and its tailored accessories. If budget is a factor, L-Sonic 5100 brewing solutions offer the instrumentation of the brewer’s choice.
Find out, what makes the L- Sonic 5100 brewing kit so unique for your success.

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