Beverage | Beer | Brewing Excellence: Improving Efficiency with Anton Paar's L-Dens 7400 Density Meter

Cut your losses! Discover the outstanding effect of Anton Paar's L-Dens 7400 density meter in brewing processes. This application report highlights the role of the process sensor in optimizing critical process steps, ensuring quality control, and achieving significant time and cost savings.

With decades of experience, Anton Paar has developed an exceptional understanding of monitoring and measurement throughout the brewing process. From large industrial breweries to small but sophisticated craft breweries, the industry leaders consistently rely on Anton Paar´s expertise and state-of-the-art sensors to monitor the brewhouse.
While newly built brewhouses are often already equipped with Anton Paar instruments by the original equipment manufacturer, process instrumentation is sometimes an option that is not always included from the start. However, it is very easy for the brewery to integrate the measuring system into both new and old brewhouses at a later date.
The applications covered in this application report are key control points for quality and efficiency in the brewhouse. Anton Paar's inline measuring systems ensure high quality, save time and money, increase production, and minimize extract losses. The L-Dens 7400 inline density meter, with an accuracy of up to 0.03 °P, is ideal for measuring extract content throughout the brewing process. In addition, it can be paired with the newly developed flush adapter and automatic adjustment for improved performance.

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