Benefit from Anton Paar density standards

Each density meter – no matter the manufacturer – may be exposed to conditions that influence measuring accuracy in the long term. In order to ensure that density measurements are always as accurate as on the very first day, regular calibrations (and adjustment, if necessary) with a certified reference material are recommended. Following the guidelines within this report on how to correctly prepare, fill, and measure density standards, will provide the basis for avoiding common errors and performing successful calibrations.


Do you want to assure that your density meter measures accurately to avoid product recalls or to pay less taxes?

Have you ever had customers or auditors expressing doubts concerning the accuracy of the density meter and you wanted to prove the opposite?

Have you ever had a precious density standard in your hand, but without any idea of how to use it to get optimum results?

These questions lead to one answer:
Calibrate your instrument regularly with highly-accurate density standards and use them correctly.

The first part of the application report will describe your benefits when choosing density standards from Anton Paar.

The second part of this document is dedicated to the handling of density standards and preparing the density meter prior to calibration. Follow our advices to avoid common errors and to accurately calibrate your density meter.

The last part of this document is an overview of Anton Paar density standards together with some tips and tricks for better results.

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