Base and Lube Oils | Viscosity Index of Base and Lube Oils with SVM 4001

Base oils are the main ingredient of formulated lube oils. Lubricating oils are used in various industries and must fulfill different requirements. Kinematic viscosity and the Viscosity Index are the most important parameters for both base and lube oils. The Anton Paar SVM 4001 is a perfect solution for viscosity measurement at two temperatures and VI calculation.

Why measure viscosity and determine the VI?

Kinematic viscosity at 40 and 100 °C is the input parameter for calculation of the Viscosity Index (VI) according to ASTM D2270.

The VI shows the influence of temperature on an oil‘s viscosity and is an important parameter for the oil’s lubrication properties.

Low VI means the viscosity changes considerably at different temperatures. Such oil is highly viscous at low temperatures and rather liquid at high temperatures. A high VI means the opposite: the viscosity changes only slightly at different temperatures over a wide temperature range.

This report describes how to measure base oils and lube oils at 40 and 100 °C simultaneously from one syringe. The Viscosity Index is automatically calculated from these results.

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