Aviation | Jet Fuel Viscosity - SVM 3001 Application Report

The Anton Paar SVM 3001 viscometer allows for reliable determination of dynamic and kinematic viscosity in the low temperature range. Get precision equal to ASTM D445 with significantly less effort for cooling.

Besides a number of other parameters, most aviation fuel types must fulfill a viscosity specification according to the respective standards.

Anton Paar provides the SVM 3001 that measures viscosity according to ASTM D7042. This standard gives results comparable to ASTM D445, DIN 51562 and ISO 3104. It is an excellent solution for fast and economical viscosity measurement at negative temperatures. Compared to conventional capillary viscometry the SVM 3001 requires typically

  • by a factor 2 less sample
  • by a factor 4 less solvent
  • by a factor 4 less power as well as
  • by a factor 5 less time

while giving equally precise results.

Other than kinematic glass capillary viscometers, SVM 3001 can perform wide range temperature scans within a short period of time. Such tests permit to gather additional and more detailed information on a jet fuel’s behavior than the compulsory standard tests.

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