Aviation | Cold Flow Properties of Jet Fuel (Freezing Point)

Anton Paar’s SVM 3001 Cold Properties viscometer with built-in optical cell reliably determines freezing point, viscosity borderline temperature of critical jet fuel viscosity as well as kinematic viscosity and density at different temperatures and more parameters in one go. SVM 3001 Cold Properties – the best all-in-one solution for low temperature measurements.


Aviation fuel needs to fulfill a number of parameters, such as density, kinematic viscosity or freezing point (FP) in order to satisfy various specifications (e.g. ASTM D1655, Def Stan 91-091 and JIG AFQRJOS for jet fuels or ASTM D910 for leaded aviation gasoline). The freezing point is an important parameter for all aviation fuels. It indicates the lowest possible operation temperature of fuels. There are several standardized test methods (manual and automated). ASTM D2386 (IP 16, ISO 3013) is the reference method and the most common one. SVM 3001 Cold Properties provides the determination of several cold flow properties as well as density and kinematic viscosity within one measuring mode. 

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