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Several safety relevant parameters are specified for liquids used in an aircraft. Anton Paar’s SVM viscometer series provides fast, reliable and easy measurement solutions from QC of an oil at a single temperature up to multiparameter determination for fuel and lubricant R&D.

Fuels, lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids for aircrafts must fulfill rigid safety requirements. Depending on the sample type, different parameters are specified in different specification standards. See the below table for the most important parameters.

Specification parameters Jet fuel Hydraulic fluids/Lube oils
Kinematic viscosity yes yes
Density yes yes
Viscosity index n/a yes
Freezing point yes n/a
Viscosity borderline temperature yes n/a
Viscosity at +3 °C above freezing point yes n/a

This application report describes why and at which temperatures several parameters are specified. Depending on product-related parameters, different SVM models meet the requirements for their characterization.

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