Automotive | SVM 3001: Automotive Brake Fluids

The viscosity of brake fluids is a critical parameter for passenger safety. SVM 3001 offers unbeatably fast and reliable viscosity testing at all required temperatures and features automatic calculation of the Viscosity Index.


Besides a number of other parameters, brake fluid must fulfill viscosity specifications according to the respective standards. Kinematic viscosity is a very important, safety relevant parameter for automotive hydraulic fluids.

Depending on the type and standard specifications, test points for brake fluids are:

  • kinematic viscosity typically at -40 °C and +100 °C
  • some types are specified at -55 °C
  • some types also require a viscosity measurement at +40 °C and the calculation of viscosity index (VI)
  • density at +20 °C is often stated as information.

Therefore, Anton Paar provides the SVM 3001 Viscometer, an instrument measuring according to ASTM D7042 and ASTM D4052. It is an excellent solution for fast and economical measurement of low-shear kinematic viscosity in a wide temperature range between
-60 °C and +135 °C.

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