ASTM D86 - ASTM Proficiency Testing Program for Distillation of Jet Fuel

Anton Paar participated in the ASTM Proficiency Testing Program to test the jet fuel sample JF 1811 with the Diana 700 and achieved convincing results.


Quality and reliability of test results are essential for laboratories. The ASTM Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) is a valuable tool for laboratories and instrument manufacturers worldwide to conduct equal tests on the same material in accordance with the same test method. ASTM will evaluate the performance of the laboratories by arranging a statistical analysis of the results.

Participating in interlaboratory studies (ILS) organized by the German standardization body DIN or the European Standardization Committee EN for more than 20 years, ILS have a long history with Anton Paar.

To verify the excellent precision of Anton Paar’s distillation analyzer and to extend the geographical range of these interlaboratory tests to a worldwide level, we have now participated in the ASTM Proficiency Testing Program with the Diana 700. In this PTP the jet fuel sample JF 1811 was analyzed by all participating laboratories (approx. 240 laboratories).

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