Asphalt, Bitumen | Automated measurement of asphalt binders according to ASTM D4402

Viscosity is an important parameter for asphalt binders to ensure proper handling, mixing and application. This application report shows how a quality control test according to ASTM D4402 is performed with ViscoQC 300 with an automated test method.

The viscosity of asphalt binders (also known as bitumen) at elevated temperatures influences the:

  • Pumpability: The asphalt binder must be able to be pumped between different plants and storage containers.
  • Mixability: The bitumen must be able to be properly mixed with additives and fillers during the production.
  • Workability: The hot mix asphalt (HMA) must be able to be placed and compacted with reasonable effort.

This application report shows how asphalt binders can be measured using an automatic test procedure with ViscoQC 300. The test method complies to ASTM D4402 and saves time for the lab technician and reduces human errors.

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