Annealing of the Radiation Damage in Mg-implanted GaN Thin Films: Temperature Development of Lattice Parameters and Stresses

The annealing of radiation damage in GaN film implanted with Mg is investigated using in-situ XRD. The behavior of the films at elevated temperatures is compared to GaN films with no im-plantation to reveal the effect of the radiation damage and at which point the damage is healed.

Gallium nitride attracts considerable interest owing to its potential as a source of blue and ultraviolet light as well as a basic material for high-temperature and high-power semiconductor applications. (1)

In the fabrication of GaN-based devices, ion implantation represents a very powerful tool with a possibility to controllably and reproducibly modify physical properties of the semiconductor. (2) The successful application of this technique depends, however, also on the understanding of the production and annealing of radiation damage. (2)

Up to now, numerous works and reviews in the litera-ture addressed various aspects of ion implantation into GaN. (2-4)

In most of the studies, however, the influence of radiation damage annealing on the properties of implanted GaN was studied ex-situ without a possibility to monitor temperature development of material properties as a function of annealing temperature change.



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