Analysis of Carbon Black Surface Area: NSA (BET) and STSA

Carbon black is used in a wide variety of applications ranging from the automotive to the energy storage industry. In order to understand its performance for the desired application, characterization of the total BET surface area (NSA) and the external surface area (STSA) are important. ASTM D6556 outlines the characterization of these properties using gas sorption. Anton Paar Nova X00 Series gas adsorption analyzers are well-suited for these ASTM D6556 measurements and provide accurate high throughput analyses.

The characterization of carbon black for NSA and STSA is given in ASTM D6556. ASTM also has a set of carbon black standards, the SRB-9 series, that represents a variety of different carbon blacks. Carbon black manufacturers can use this set of standards to ensure that an instrument is capable of generating accurate data on their materials. The Anton Paar Nova X00 instruments have the accuracy and operational simplicity to perform the analysis of carbon black following ASTM D6556 with the touch of a few buttons. In this report, the Nova 800 was used to successfully analyze the SRB-9 series following the standard. Data from all 7 samples is shown and a repeatability study was conducted. 

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