Adhesives | How to Analyze the Gel Time with the Rotational Viscometer ViscoQC 300

This application report shows how the gel time of e.g. resins, potting compounds and adhesives can be determined with ViscoQC 300 to check the quality of the materials.


Gel time is the time it takes e.g. a mixed resin system to gel or become so high in viscosity that it can no longer be considered workable or able to be handled without impeding the curing process. For a thermoset system with a gel time it is important to advise its users that the material must not be disturbed, moved, and handled after a certain period of time. Just as an example: If the curing adhesive is moved or manipulated after it has gelled, then the adhesive will never have adequate bonding strength or adhesion. The gel time can be measured with ViscoQC by tracing the change in viscosity up to a certain point where the viscosity of the sample is so high that it is no longer considered a liquid. Thereafter, the resin will continue its cure from a gel to a solid, which is the final state of the thermoset system. 

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