ABA 300: Measuring Jet Fuel Samples

A description of the measurement procedure for jet fuel based on the ABA 300 and the EN ISO 13736 testing method.

This Application Report describes the flash point determination of jet fuel performed with the Abel flash point tester ABA 300.

ABA 300 is a closed-cup flash point tester equipped with premium technology and a modern design ahead of its time. The instrument can be used for the determination of flash points between 10 °C and 110 °C. It guarantees straightforward and automated handling, maximum safety, and unrivaled usability in combination with a self-explanatory user-interface.

ABA 300 is the ideal solution for automatic high-precision flash point testing in the petroleum, chemical, paints & coatings, waste, and flavors & fragrance industries, as well as for test laboratories according to EN ISO 13736, EN ISO 1516, EN ISO 1523, IP 491, IP 492 and more.

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