Quantachrome FAQ

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Are you wondering how this acquisition will affect Quantachrome products, sales, and services?
We have answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How was the Anton Paar QuantaTec subsidiary formed?

Quantachrome Instruments, a longtime world leader in designing and delivering instrumentation for the characterization of porous materials, was acquired by Anton Paar in 2018. Anton Paar QuantaTec is the legal name of the producing subsidiary that manufactures Quantachrome instruments. QuantaTec products are still promoted under the brand Quantachrome. This acquisition expanded Anton Paar’s product portfolio in particle characterization, leading to a comprehensive product range with a wide choice of solutions.

Will Anton Paar QuantaTec continue the strong global scientific discovery efforts in adsorption science?

Yes. Being leaders in adsorption science will remain a core focus of the Anton Paar QuantaTec team. In cooperation with high-level research groups, Anton Paar will continue to publish innovative research, collaborate with leading scientific laboratories, serve on industry standards committees, and continue the development of instruments and applications with leading industrial partners.

Where are Anton Paar QuantaTec’s products manufactured?

Anton Paar QuantaTec instruments are still and will continue to be manufactured in Boynton Beach, FL, USA – in the same location where the Quantachrome instruments have been produced for over 25 years. Additionally, the Florida facility will now be able to benefit from Anton Paar’s extensive, 100-year manufacturing expertise.

Where will Anton Paar display the Quantachrome line of instruments?

Anton Paar will exhibit the Quantachrome products at many local and global conferences and exhibitions. Check the Anton Paar Exhibition & Trade Show web page or contact your local sales representative for a listing of upcoming events.

How will Anton Paar support the Quantachrome line?

Anton Paar is committed to providing exceptional support for the Quantachrome products. Teams of Quantachrome instrument experts are busy training support teams throughout the worldwide Anton Paar distribution network. Find your local, highly trained support team via the Anton Paar website

How do I find pricing or place an order for a Quantachrome product?

To obtain pricing, order instruments, consumables, and accessories, or to arrange for service, contact your local Anton Paar sales representative.

How do I find my local Anton Paar sales representative?

Anton Paar maintains a vast sales and support network consisting of wholly-owned subsidiaries and exclusive distribution partners in over 110 countries worldwide. Anton Paar representatives are listed on the Anton Paar web page.

Can I still get support for a product purchased prior to the formation of Anton Paar QuantaTec?

All existing warranties on products purchased prior to the formation of Anton Paar QuantaTec will be honored. Contact your local Anton Paar representative for further information.

Will Anton Paar continue to offer commercial lab testing?

The Anton Paar QuantaTec analytical lab will continue to operate in Florida. Contact your local representative from the worldwide Anton Paar network for information and instructions.

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