Lyza 7000: The Future of FTIR Spectroscopy

2023-10-11 | Corporate

The new FTIR spectrometer Lyza 7000 made by Anton Paar is on the market now. The new instrument is able to handle all kinds of infrared active substances – hundreds of different sample types, no matter if solid, liquid or gaseous. This versatility is enabled by the modular measuring cell concept and compatibility with third-party cells. Those can be bought and changed by the customer individually and allows the Lyza 7000 to be used for a wide range of applications and industries.

Easy to use
As for the new Lyza 7000, especially its software makes it stand-out, as it is very easy to use, allows spectral analysis directly on the instrument and combines multiple analysis presets into a 1-click pass/fail check. The instrument’s hardware is as Anton Paar-like as can be, making it very stable and of high quality.