ConsumerTec presents SmartRef

2022-09-12 | Corporate

Anton Paar ConsumerTec’s second product is here: a digital refractometer with various fields of application.

After the EasyDens, a beginner density meter for everybody, the Anton Paar ConsumerTec GmbH launches its next app-connected measurement instrument for personal usage, the SmartRef. The digital refractometer works with the same operating principle as its “bigger fellows” for lab use. Concentrations in liquids are determined via refractive index.

Various applications

SmartRef is the perfect companion for a wide range of exciting applications, in the private as well as in the professional field. The digital refractometer enables measurements of e.g. salt content of your aquarium and pool, the extract content of your beer wort, the sugar content in grapes for wine, the sweetness of fruits and vegetables, homemade jams and sauces or the moisture of honey. But it’s also possible to do measurements in the technical field, like the freezing point and concentration of coolant and antifreeze, and much more.

You can find all information about the new product at