Uncertain times require stable solutions

Uncertain times require stable solutions

State-of-the-art density measurement: safe, efficient, compliant

As the global petroleum landscape slowly recovers from the effects of global lockdowns, it becomes more important than ever to prepare for a future marked by tougher regulations and trendsetting consumer demands. Production and distribution processes must be highly efficient, stable and safe in order to remain competitive in these difficult times, while reducing waste and environmental pollution should not be forgotten. The development and production of the latest petroleum products that address these issues has already begun - the importance of certification to relevant standards and specifications seems more important than ever.

In the Webinar you will get insights into:

-  Digital density measurement - a key parameter for the whole industry

-  The importance of fast and accurate measurements

-  Tips and Tricks for density measurement applications

-  The compliance with ASTM standards D4052, D5002, D7777, D8188

The webinar is suitable for:

Oil exploration and production companies, refineries, distributors and tank terminals, testing labs etc.

Mr. Siegfried Hold (English)

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