Refractometric Analysis of Urine

Acute dehydration poses a significant health risk and can lead to heat stroke and death. Refractometric anaylsis of the urine of patients in hospitals and clinics as well as that of athletes quickly shows vital human health parameters.

Refractometric analysis of urine saves lives

Some athletes in weight-regulated sports such as boxing, wrestling and martial arts purposefully limit fluid intake before matches in order to lessen their body weight to qualify for certain events. In 1997 for example, three collegiate wrestlers died because they wanted to reduce their weight by dehydration.

Indicators of the dehydration status are the specific gravity and the osmolality of urine. Both parameters can be easily determined via refractive index measurement. Moreover, the content of total dissolved solids of human urine can be analyzed.

The urine specific gravity is a measure of the ratio of the density of urine compared to the density of water. It should be between 1.002 and 1.028. An increased specific gravity can indicate dehydration, drug use or renal arterial stenosis. Renal failure and diabetes often accompany decreased urine specific gravity.

Abbemat refractometer family of Anton Paar

The determination of the specific gravity, osmolality and total dissolved solids of urine is a simple, accurate and fast method. As these values correlate with the refractive index, they can easily be generated with the Abbemat family of Anton Paar.

  • Peltier thermostat: Urine-specific parameters are dependent on the temperature of the sample, which is easily controlled with the Abbemat's stability of 0.002 °C.
  • Predefined methods: All Anton Paar refractometer have the methods "Urine specific gravity", "Urine osmotic pressure", and "Urine total soldis" showing you directly the urine specific values, temperature and other important parameters.
  • Data export: Depending on the instrument, the measured data can easily be exported as MS-Excel/PDF via USB and printed.
  • Data security: Apart from the Abbemat 200, varied degrees of security can be set by the user, including electronic signature and audit trail.

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Other relevant instruments

The MCP polarimeter family of Anton Paar is ideal to analyze optically active substances in human urine such as sugars, hormones and proteins. It can be directly connected to an Abbemat.

Good to know

Human health parameters such as urine specific gravity, total solids and osmotic pressure can easily and quickly be determined with the Abbemat refractometer.