Intelligent Quartz Control Plates for Polarimetric Calibration and Adjustment

Modern polarimeters are calibrated or adjusted with intelligent quartz control plates that do not require manual data entry in order to ensure data traceability.

Full traceability of polarimetric measurement data

Polarimeters are used to identify and characterize different solutions as well as to determine the con-centration of optically active substances. Today‘s international standards and regulations (GMP, GAMP 5, 21 CFR part 11, international pharmacopoeia) recommend or demand high data traceability. The questions "who did what, how and when?" needs to be answered.

For checking or adjusting MCP polarimeters, improved data traceability can be achieved using quartz control plates with a specified optical rotation and ToolmasterTM technology. With ToolmasterTM, the instrument automatically recognizes the quartz control plate and all adjustment data is transferred automatically. This saves time and improves data security by eliminating manual data entry. The quartz control plate is supplied with its manufacturer’s certificate, temperature correction tables and a certifi-cation by PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt, the German Metrological Institute) for tracea-bility documentation.

Summary of the benefits of intelligent quartz control plates:


  • Using Toolmaster™ technology, the calibration and adjustment of the polarimeter no longer require tables and manual data entry.
  • The Toolmaster™ memory chip on the quartz control plate contains all the relevant calibration data, which are automatically transferred wirelessly into the instrument.
  • Instrument software guides the user through the quick and automated adjustment process and guarantees the best possible traceability.
  • Due to the mechanical construction of the ToolmasterTM mount, the quartz is located safely in the center, close to the temperature sensor for highly accurate measurements.
  • The centered position inside the mount also reduces the risk of dirt on the quartz surface that may affect checks and adjustments.
  • No disassembling of the quartz control plate is possible, which prevents incorrect assembling or change of parts influencing the resulting optical rotation values. The highest possible traceability is therefore provided. No illegal change of the permanent standard is possible.

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Other relevant instruments

MCP polarimeters can be equipped with an integrated camera system documenting temperature gra-dients, bubbles and inhomogeneous sample distribution inside the cell during the measurement.

Good to know

The wireless ToolmasterTM technology for user-independent polarimetric checking and adjustment ensures traceability of measurement data.