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Microfocus X-ray Source:
Primux 50

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  • Highly brilliant, pre-aligned, and ready-to-use microfocus X-ray source
  • Optimized multilayer X-ray optics for high-intensity focused or collimated beam
  • Compact design and pre-fit system permit easy exchange of the X-ray tube

Primux 50 is the latest microfocus X-ray source developed by X-ray experts from AXO DRESDEN and Anton Paar. It can be used with various tailored focusing or collimating multilayer X-ray optics to provide an optimized beam for all applications. Due to their compact design, Primux 50 sources and optics can be used in customized setups or as an upgrade for existing systems.

Key features

Microfocus X-ray source of compact design and high brilliance

Microfocus X-ray source of compact design and high brilliance

  • Optimized high-voltage and current for each anode material (e.g. Cu, Mo, Ag)
  • Latest generation of microfocus X-ray tube with small spot size
  • Powerful high-voltage generator in a 19-inch rack
  • Tailored multilayer X-ray optics for each photon energy and various applications (e.g. high resolution or high flux) and beam geometry (focused or parallel beam) are readily available and exchangeable.
High intensity and robust design

High intensity and robust design

  • Anton Paar-designed water-cooled tube jacket

  • Optimization of distance between X-ray tube and X-ray optics for highest intensity
  • All components designed and selected for a long lifetime
Easy integration and exchange

Easy integration and exchange

  • Compatible with standard 19-inch racks and common hardware interfaces
  • Fast and easy tube exchange, no service visit required
  • No required maintenance and low energy consumption for minimum operating cost
High user safety and easy operation

High user safety and easy operation

  • Automatic procedures for tube ramp-up and shutdown
  • Various safety circuits, thermo switch, and reliable shutter design

Technical specifications

Target material Cu, Mo, Ag, others on request
Focal spot size
(acc. to DIN EN 12543-5)
50 µm diameter (Cu, Mo, Ag)
Max. power 50 W
Cooling Water-cooling
Dimension (L x W x D) 3070 mm x 72 mm x 79 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 7 kg (excl. control unit)

Anton Paar Certified Service

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  • Qualified support in your local language
  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
  • 3-year warranty
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