Time to join crafts

2014-08-08 | Corporate

Anton Paar fueled by decades of craftsmanship, is the world’s first address for  the finest craft beers worldwide.

Anton Paar has been a partner to the global beer industry for more than 35 years. Today, based on a reputation for quality reinforced by thousands of installed instruments and a deep understanding built through long term relationships, Anton Paar is the undisputed world leader in the field of density, alcohol and CO2 measurement.

Anton Paar strongly relates to the individuality, innovation and passion that characterize the craft brewing community. This relationship will now be strengthened by the Craft2Craft Package.

The Craft2Craft Package consists of the DMA™ 35 handheld density meter, which measures the extract content in beer wort and can also be used to monitor the fermentation process, as well as the CboxQC At-line CO2 and Oxygen meter for measurements at tanks and out of packages to simultaneously determine CO2 and O2.

Craft2Craft guarantees precise fermentation control, shelf life stability and a great and consistent taste of craft beer products.