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O₂ Sensor

O₂ Sensor

Monitor your oxygen content to obtain great taste and long shelf life

Accurate and continuous monitoring of dissolved oxygen (DO) content with a reliable inline sensor ensures your product tastes great and has a long shelf life. This optical measurement for quality control is ideal for beverage production and also for the pharmaceutical and water treatment industries. Anton Paar’s O₂ sensor precisely determines the O₂ content in both the wide range and the trace range, ensuring reliable quality control of soft drinks, beer, and other process liquids directly during the production process.

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Results in the range you require

Anton Paar offers an O₂ sensor which covers both the trace range (0 ppb to 2000 ppb) as well as the wide range (0 ppm to 22.5 ppm). The sensor is robust and provides accurate readings over its long lifetime.

Reliable and accurate results

Anton Paar‘s O₂ sensor keeps your beverage quality on target by continuously monitoring the O₂ content of your products. It provides accurate, drift-free measurements throughout the entire production process.

Smart and compatible

This process instrument is modular and compatible with all existing Anton Paar Smart Sensors, evaluation units and data acquisition software. Alarms and limits are easily defined and messages are shown directly on the mPDS 5 evaluation unit or the sensor's operating terminal.

Easy planning of routine maintenance

The sensor is designed and built to have a long service life and deliver accurate measurements immediately after installation. Its outstanding quality is the result of Anton Paar’s 35 years of experience in process instrumentation.

Ready for work under hygienic conditions

Anton Paar‘s O₂ measuring sensor is designed and built to meet the EHEDG hygienic standard and is therefore ready for work in the beverage, pharmaceutical and water treatment industries.