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High-Precision Thermometer

High-Precision Thermometer

Maximum accuracy at an unrivaled price

The high-precision thermometer from Anton Paar is designed for the most accurate temperature measurements, comparison calibrations and fixed point calibrations in industry, laboratories and research. Combined with calibrated platinum resistance thermometers, Anton Paar's thermometer achieves a measuring uncertainty of 1 mK to 10 mK.

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5 Reasons

Compact accuracy

Anton Paar’s MKT 50 Millikelvin Thermometer comes at a compact, portable size for convenient operation and flexible use according to your needs.

The result of longstanding experience

Anton Paar produces the world’s most accurate density meter – and the cornerstone of accurate density measurement is precise temperature measurement. MKT 50 is the high-quality result of these decades of experience, relied upon by many officially accredited calibration laboratories.

Flexible use

You have several options for employing the high-precision thermometer: Use it in the lab and connect it to the mains or use it in the field, as a portable battery-powered unit. Simply take the accuracy wherever you need to go.

Good connectivity

Combined with two calibrated platinum resistance thermometers, MKT 50 is an ideal calibration tool for various Anton Paar instruments like the DMA M density meters and SVM viscometers. The unit is easily connected to your LIMS. 

Versatile applications

The high-precision thermometer is perfectly designed for different applications, from temperature measurement in the production process to a range of calibrations in the lab. Its digital interfaces make it ideal for automatic comparison and fixed point calibrations.