Surface properties of functional coatings and thin films for semiconductors and applications in the field of renewable energy

This webinar provides in-depth insights into the theoretical aspects of different analytical methods as well as selected applications. It also covers the right instrument selection for characterizing surfaces and interfaces – from atomic force microscopes and nano scratch testers to grazing-incidence X-ray scattering (GISAXS).

Featured topics will include:

  • Surface topography of thin layers for chip fabrication using atomic force microscopy
  • Analysis of structural properties by means of grazing-incidence X-ray scattering (GISAXS)
  • Nano scratch tests for photovoltaic cells and semiconductors
  • Characterization of semiconductor wafers with different top layers (silicon oxide, silicon nitride, copper, tungsten)
Recording available
Dr. Dr. Jelena Fischer (English)
Jelena Fischer

Jelena Fischer studied Chemistry in Chicago, received her PhD from Graz University of Technology and has subsequently been a visiting scientist at the University of California at Davis. She has published scientific work in top-notch journals such as Science and is the co-inventor of two patented inventions. Her second PhD is in Engineering Management, which has been the major focus of her work over the past 15 years. She joined Anton Paar in 2012 and is the Product Manager for Tosca Series AFM.


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