Hempseed oil nanoemulsions for oral delivery applications: Development and best practices

Emerging technologies designed to produce nanoemulsion formulations with improved characteristics, such as emulsion stability and uniform particle size, are becoming more widely adopted, but direct comparisons between methods are lacking.

On May 25, Anton Paar will host Dr. Anubhav Pratap-Singh and Dr. Natalia Sannikova for a live discussion on the recent report, Comparing microfluidics and ultrasonication as formulation methods for developing hempseed oil nanoemulsions for oral delivery applications. The report can be found at this link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-79161-w


Specific topics will include:


   • Study of oil in water nanoemulsions, based on hempseed oil (HSO)

   • Emerging formulation technologies aimed to produce nanoemulsions with improved characteristics, including stability and oral delivery applications

   • Formulation techniques such as ultrasound and microfluidic approaches

   • Further analyses to assess the functionality of prepared formulations:

      o Morphology examination

      o Simulated gastrointestinal release behavior study

      o Transepithelial transport evaluations

      o Toxicity test

 The event will feature a live question and answer session following the presentation to address specific questions.


Dr. Natalia Sannikova, Dr. Anubhav Pratap-Singh (English)
Natalia Sannikova

Dr. Natalia Sannikova is a skilled chemist with experience in organic synthesis, enzymology, and nanoparticle formulation. She firmly believes that team effort and multidisciplinary research are what is needed for a successful project. Natalia holds a PhD in organic chemistry from Simon Fraser University.

Anubhav Pratap-Singh

Dr. Anubhav Pratap-Singh is the BC Ministry of Agriculture Endowed Professor in Food and Beverage Innovation and is currently leading the academic planning for setting up the proposed UBC Food and Beverage Innovation Center. Dr. Pratap-Singh’s work has resulted in more than 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences. Dr. Pratap-Singh has been a recipient of multiple awards and fellowships including IFTPS Charles Stumbo Award and Banting Fellow, and serves as representative on the UBC Senate, including the UBC’s ‘Academic Policy’ and ‘Research & Scholarship’ committees.


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