Fundamentals and characterization of scratch resistance on automotive clear coats

As car manufacturers strive to deliver improved coating performance with a sustainable footprint, opportunities for innovation are emerging, particularly on improving mechanical properties and appearance. Resistance to scratch and mar damage is one of key performance attributes that has been emphasized by both OEMs and consumers to maintain a vehicle’s appearance and corrosion resistance over its service lifetime. Fundamental methodologies including instrumented scratch measurements at multiple size scales are used in this work as part of a product development strategy to better understand the scratch and mar behavior of automotive topcoats. A comparative study will be presented between Micro and nano scratch techniques versus industry standard methods: Amtec-Kistler car-wash and crockmeter, to identify performance differences under different scratch conditions.


Recording available
Pierre Morel (English)
Pierre Morel

Pierre Morel is the technical manager for the indentation / scratch / tribology and AFM instruments of Anton Paar USA. Using 18+ years of experience in material testing, he directs a team supporting and advising customers testing materials at the nano and micro scale. He received a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from ENISE, and a second Master's degree in Materials Science from the University of Tennesse Knoxville.


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