e-SPRESSO WEBINAR: Toolkit for the Characterization of Zeolites by Gas Sorption

e-SPRESSO WEBINAR: Toolkit for the Characterization of Zeolites by Gas Sorption

Zeolites are crystalline solids with large pore volumes and high surface areas. Because of the acidic nature and ordered structure, zeolites are often used for catalytic applications, among others. Are you working with zeolites and always in search of ways to best characterize the available porosity of this material? In this webinar, we will introduce you to some critical parameters that guide zeolite applications, like surface area, pore size, and pore volume. In addition, we will help you to understand the pore connectivity in mesoporous zeolites, which are used to enhance catalysis. Bottom line, this webinar will address how you can determine all these important previously described parameters by gas sorption.

Key insights:
- Choice of adsorptive for zeolite characterization
- Surface area, pore size, and volume via gas adsorption
- Recommended density functional theory methods for pore size analysis
- Pore connectivity of mesoporous zeolites

Dr. Katie Cychosz Struckhoff (English)
Katie Cychosz Struckhoff

Dr. Struckhoff, Anton Paar QuantaTec’s head of applications, has more than 10 years of experience in powder and porous materials characterization. Dr. Struckhoff graduated from the University of Michigan with a PhD in materials chemistry. She is the author on 30 scientific publications in the porous materials field, has presented at major conferences around the world, and advises researchers daily in experimental design and data interpretation.


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