Discover advanced measurement techniques for Mechanical Surface Characterization

With Anton Paar’s versatile instrumentations you can precisely determine the mechanical properties of a wide range of materials from soft to hard. The webinar will cover some of the measuring techniques such as creep, fatigue, and stress-strain studies on surfaces from macro- to ultra-nanometer range. Anton Paar tribometers will also allow you to study friction, wear, lubrication, and abrasion. 

This webinar will explore the principles of: 

-    Instrument indentation: hardness, elastic modulus, creep, and fatigue toughness. 
-    Scratch testing: coating adhesion, scratch resistance, viscoelastic recovery.
-    Tribology of solid materials: coefficient of friction and wear rate.

Furthermore, discussions will take place on Anton Paar's solutions to mechanical surface characterization, followed by an overview of typical applications for indentation, scratch testing and tribometry.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Gholipour (English)
Mohammad Reza Gholipour

Dr. Mohammad Reza Gholipour is the lead scientist for the mechanical surface characterization group at Anton Paar Canada and brings significant expertise in an array of industries and applications.

He received his Ph.D. from Laval University in chemical engineering specializing in nanotechnology applications and material solid surface characterization.


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