Basics of Tribology and its Real-life Application

Basics of Tribology and its Real-life Application


Tribology is an interdisciplinary field of science and technology dealing with Friction, Lubrication and Wear. It is applied in a multitude of fields ranging from lubes and greases to implants to food and beverages. This workshop covers the basics of tribology along with a brief introduction into different testing methodologies. It also includes case studies from real-life applications from different fields. This is then followed by a live demonstration of the instrument.

Key Takeaways:
- Basics of Tribology
- Instrumentation
- Test Methodologies
     -  Break-away Friction, Stribeck Curves, Wear Tests, etc.
- Real-life examples 
     -  Fuels 
     -  Lubes and Greases 
     -  Bio-Tribology
- Live Demonstration

Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Kartik Pondicherry, Mr. Mayank Varshney
Kartik Pondicherry

Dr. Kartik Pondicherry has a Doctorate in Tribology from the University of Leoben in Leoben, Austria. With over a decade of experience in the field of tribology, Dr. Pondicherry managed the global tribology portfolio at Anton Paar in Graz, Austria until the end of 2019. He later moved to India and started as a Technical Manager for Rheology at Anton Paar India. Over the past years, Dr. Pondicherry has conducted numerous seminars and trainings for people from both academia and industry across the globe. 

Mayank Varshney

Mr. Mayank Varshney is presently working as an Application Specialist at Anton Paar India, where he provides technical support for Rheology. He completed his Masters in Material Science from IIT Patna and since then he has devoted his career to Polymer Rheology Characterization for solving processing issues like melt fracture, sharkskin and die swell. He has experience in delivering trainings and sessions on several aspects of Rheology such as Powder Rheology, DMTA, Smart Fluids, etc.