Basics of Rheology I: Rotational Rheology for fluids

We cordially invite you to a webinar which explains in detail about basics of rheology and viscosity for characterizing "fluid-like" materials. It provides insight into how the sample will be flowing under both shear and temperature. Typical viscometers apply only a single shear condition over a range of temperatures and thus are limited when a materials move from "unstructured" to "structured". To characterize "structured" materials that can range from flowable to non-flowable the use of rheology, which viscosity is a small subsection of, is incorporated. This webinar aims to introduce principles of the rheological theory, along with various test methods that can be performed to characterize a material using Rotational mode.

We will provide following technical insights in the webinar

•  Introduction to Rheology

•  Viscous Behavior of Materials & Measurement Parameters

•  Rotational Tests: Flow behavior in materials

•  Rotational Test: Time and Temperature dependent Behavior 



Recording available
Dr. Ornov Maulik (English)