The widest range of instruments for studying friction and wear

With decades of experience in tribology, Anton Paar provides you with the widest range of tribometers on the market. Tribology is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion, the practice of studying friction, wear, and lubrication. What you are looking for is a solution tailored to your needs, which is versatile and robust enough to handle the range of materials you are interested in.

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The reference in tribology

When you choose a tribometer from Anton Paar, you are choosing a world of options to build on in the future. Benefit from many testing possibilities based on a range of solutions including a pin-on-disk system, a high-temperature tribometer and environmentally controlled instruments (vacuum and humidity). 

Easily exchangeable linear and rotating modules

Anton Paar tribometers are available with two modules: a rotating module and a linear reciprocating module. This way, you can ideally simulate different types of motion encountered in service. Both modules can be installed on the same tribometer and can be very easily exchanged.

Numerous options

You can install all Anton Paar options in our latest tribometers Anton Paar’s engineers are happy to help you define your needs and provide you with further information on installing different options, e.g. high temperature, low temperature, a linear module, depth measurement, profilometer, ECR, tribo-corrosion, etc.

Integrated online calibration procedures

All procedures are driven by the Windows-based tribology software which enables automatic calibration of the systems’ rotation speed, the radius of the arm, and the friction force sensor. You can calibrate the instrument at any time; the procedure requires less than 5 minutes.

Robust tribometers ready for a long working life

Anton Paar tribometers have demonstrated their robustness and reliability for the past 35 years, with approximately 1500 systems successfully used in numerous laboratories worldwide.



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