The T-probe S is an immersing sensor for synthesis applicatinos for accurate temperature measurement and temperature control inside the reaction vessel of Rotor 8NXF100 and Rotor 8NXQ80 for Multiwave PRO.
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T-probe S

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The T-probe S is an immersing sensor for accurate temperature measurement inside the reaction vessel of rotors 8SXF100 and 8SXQ80 for Synthos 3000.

Key features

  • Gas bulb thermometer for precise, interference-free measurement of reaction temperature up to 300 °C
  • Robust quartz thermowell, optionally coated with PTFE for operation with strong alkaline solutions and HF
  • Easy handling: no cables or electrical connections to be installed
  • Measured data transmitted to the oven via infrared signal
  • Easy calibration with an optional software-supported calibration unit



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