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Micro Flow Cell for TORC 5000

The micro flow cell allows for measurements of small sample volumes.

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Key Features

For small volumes of sample

  • The micro flow cell features two Luer connectors that allow convenient filling with a syringe.
  • With the micro flow cell, only a few microliters of sample are required for a measurement.
  • Samples are easily recovered by suction using the same syringe as for filling.
  • The micro flow cell prevents the sample or solvent from evaporating during the measurement.
  • Cleaning between single measurements is not required. The next sample flushes out the previous one. For cleaning the micro flow cell can either be flushed by a suitable solvent or cleaning agent, or can easily be disassembled for access to the measuring prism if it needs to be cleaned manually.
  • Your exposure to toxic or poisonous samples is minimized when using the micro flow cell.