Why truth feels better: New DMA Generation M density meters

2015-06-11 | Corporate

“Truth Feels Better”. With this theme, Anton Paar launches a new version of the company’s flagship product family – the DMA™ Generation M density and concentration meters. The systems’ world-leading accuracy and operating concept have now been enhanced by an entirely new user-friendly look and feel.

Density and concentration meters have been a point of pride at Anton Paar ever since the company produced the world’s first digital density meter in 1967. Decades of development later, Anton Paar now offers the world’s most accurate density meter, DMA™ 5000 M. Building on this, the focus in developing the latest DMA™ Generation M models was on offering users even more convenience and safe operation. The following benefits are unique to DMA™ 4100 M, DMA™ 4500 M and DMA™ 5000 M.

PCAP touchscreen

The 10.4” touchscreen employs projected capacitive technology (PCT/PCAP) for a state-of-the-art user experience. Operation is easy, even when wearing gloves. One main screen tells users what they need to know even from a distance, thanks to adaptable font sizes.


DMA™ Generation M density meters automatically detect filling errors or bubbles in the sample in real time, alert users and document the incident. Correct sample filling is ensured, regardless of the conditions.


Users can check their sample filling process via a high-quality image of the whole measuring cell on the instruments’ screen or recall stored images of the entire filled-in sample at any later time. The stored images allow users to later verify correct sample filling and measurements, particularly when using automatic sampling systems.


ThermoBalance™ eliminates the need for multi-temperature calibrations and allows for quick and accurate measurements at very different temperatures. Owing to the systems’ compact mechanical setup, drifts due to temperature stress are compensated even when samples are filled at temperatures very different from the measuring temperature. Stable readings are provided over extended periods of time.

Viscosity correction

The sample’s viscosity causes damping of the oscillating U-Tube, which would normally reduce the achievable repeatability and accuracy of the measurement. To avoid this effect, DMA™ Generation M meters automatically correct the viscosity influence on the measured density over the full range of densities, viscosities and temperatures. Systematic errors due to the sample’s nature are eliminated.

In summary, Anton Paar’s new DMA™ Generation M density meters embody technological leadership combined with innovative user-oriented concepts.