Density measurement: New technology for an unbeatable price

2018-02-05 | Corporate

In continuous communication with customers worldwide, technology and features have been updated to build a generation of density meters that operates on a new level. The new DMA™ 501 proves to be a worthy successor of the widely acknowledged DMA™ 500 density meter. It is accompanied by the launch of the 4-digit-accuracy density and concentration meter DMA™ 1001; the most powerful density meter in its price range.

The newly designed oscillating U-tube and a patented new measuring principle of the oscillation period are integrated in both instruments. DMA™ 1001 is particularly special: It is the first benchtop density meter entirely tailored to meet the lab standards required by industry – at a reasonable price. “Compliance with standards is gaining more and more importance in a wide range of industries. That is why we created a density meter with 4-digit accuracy that meets this demand and is still affordable for many,” says product manager Julia Sattler. “In the density meter market, DMA™ 1001 has an unprecedented price-performance ratio.”

Both instruments, DMA™ 501 and DMA™ 1001, are available now. They are prepared to handle a huge variety of samples, including those with challenging characteristics: The new syringe holder and the viscosity correction over the full measuring range ensure highly accurate results that are independent of external influences. In addition, users will feel even more at home with the brand new user interface. It comes with the look and feel of a smartphone operating system and on a bright 7’’ touchscreen.

New technology for all Anton Paar density, sound velocity, and viscosity instruments

In the wake of updating the technology for digital density measurement, Anton Paar has already relaunched several instrument series that feature the new patented oscillation period measurement over the past year. This includes further density meters, benchtop and portable, as well as sound velocity meters, viscosity meters, sample changers, and the entire portfolio of process sensors that perform density measurements. All new instruments come with a range of new or upgraded technology and features. The highlights of the instruments are:


DMA™ 4100/4200/4500/5000 M density meters & DSA 5000 M density and sound velocity meter


  • New, patented evaluation of the oscillation period
  • Improved viscosity correction
  • Increased temperature range of 0 °C to 100 °C
  • Faster temperature regulation
  • New condition monitoring and FillingCheck™


DMA™ 35 portable density meter


  • Patented new connection of the measuring cell, allowing easy replacement of the cell
  • New robust density sensor
  • Lockable pump to prevent sample carryover
  • Easy operation for right- and left-handed users via capacitve keys (even when wearing protective gloves)
  • Can be used as a mini benchtop instrument


Snap 41/51 portable alcohol meter


  • New adjustment routine for accurate results, even at low measuring temperatures and alcohol concentrations
  • Compensation of temperature influence (reference temperature at 60 °F, 20 °C, and now also 15 °C for the Japanese market)
  • Easy operation for right- and left-handed users via capacitve keys (even when wearing protective gloves)
  • New robust density sensor
  • Can be used as a mini benchtop instrument

Xsample 320/330/520 sample changer


  • New industrial-grade peristaltic pump
  • New industrial-grade valves
  • Simple and robust design for easy and maintenance-free handling

SVM™ viscosity meters

  • New thermal concept for viscosity measurements down to -20 °C using internal built-in air cooling (no external counter-cooling necessary)
  • Density measurements compliant with ASTM D4052 and ISO 12185 due to the newly developed density oscillator and patented FillingCheck™
  • Very fast heating/cooling rates of up to 20 °C/min for unprecedented flexibility in measuring different samples at different temperatures  


Process sensors

Anton Paar’s new family of process sensors combines the advantages of previous generations’ highest accuracy with a compact and robust design. The new sensors are available with the new high-performance transmitter Pico 3000 that provides an optional simple user interface and allows configuration of sensor parameters with the Pico 3000 software directly at the sensor.


L-Dens 7000 density sensor series

  • Equipped with two temperature sensors for a more precise temperature control
  • Both L-Dens 7400 and L-Dens 7500 have one-piece oscillating tubes (L-Dens 7400: U-shaped tube; L-Dens 7500: W-shaped tube)


L-Dens 3300 density sensor


  • One-piece oscillating U-tube made of stainless steel for a hygienic design
  • New W-shaped oscillating tubes made of glass enabling the measurement of aggressive media
  • TFT display with capacitive keys that shows up to four values
  • USP board for Pico 3000 software


L-Dens 2300 density sensor

  • One-piece U-shaped oscillating tube made of stainless steel that is suitable for hygienic applications
  • Alternative sensor version with W-shaped glass tubes for measuring aggressive chemicals


L-Sonic 5100/6100 sound velocity sensor


  • L-Sonic 5100 fork-type sensor for inline installations with different and partially customizable fork length, and in different materials for the wetted parts: stainless steel 1.4404 (316L), HASTELLOY® HYBRID-BC1® alloy, Monel 400, or Rhodium-coated
  • Stable measurement by digital signal processing
  • Outstanding repeatability of 0.005 m/s (fork-type)


L-Com 5500 density and sound velocity sensor


  • Two sensors in one, consisting of a density sensor with a W-shaped piezo-excited U-tube and a sound velocity module
  • Density and sound velocity values directly calculated by the sensor electronics
  • Highest accuracy on the market


Inline beverage analyzer Alcohol Monitor 5500/5600, Beer Monitor 5500/5600, Wine Monitor 5500/5600, Cobrix 5500/5600, Brix Monitor, Extract/Original Extract/Plato Monitor, Fermentation Monitor


  • Equipped with the new generation of process sensors (see above)
  • Custom-made solutions for all beverage applications
  • Stable, drift-free results
  • Applies to Beer Monitor 5500/5600, Cobrix 5500/5600, and Wine Monitor 5500/5600: two CO₂ measurement options (optical and non-optical), digital signal processing, new mechanical design

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