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  • Anton Paar Research Award for Instrumental Analytics & Characterization

    Contribute to shaping the future of instrumental analytics and characterization for a chance to win the prestigious Anton Paar Research Award with a monetary prize of € 20,000.

Welcome to the Anton Paar Research Award

The Austrian specialist for analytical instruments and measuring equipment Anton Paar is calling for applications for the 1st “Anton Paar Research Award for Instrumental Analytics and Characterization”. To be eligible for consideration, proposals need to focus on new methods and/or applications in instrumental chemical analytics or the physical characterization of materials and must not be older than two years. Additionally, the proposals should show a high probability of enabling new scientific or industrial products and/or applications.

Open to everyone

The application is open to anyone interested in chemical analysis or physical characterization. The focus should be on new methods and applications. Projects that are not published may also be submitted, provided the above criteria are met.

Award of 20,000 euros

The Anton Paar Research Award has a prize of 20,000 euros funded by Anton Paar. The winners will be selected by a jury consisting of representatives from renowned Austrian universities and Anton Paar. All entries will be judged based on the potential for application as a product or method, and the impact on the development of new or improved measuring technologies. If there are two or more winners, the prize money will be shared. The prize will be awarded in November 2018 at the Anton Paar headquarters in Graz, Austria, or at an Anton Paar subsidiary to which the winners will be invited.

The jury

Ronald Henzinger

Head of Research & Development, Anton Paar

Ronald Henzinger is a physicist with longstanding experience of various sensor technologies in the automotive and analytical instrument business.

Prof. Ferdinand Hofer

Professor at the Graz University of Technology and Head of the Institute of Electron Microscopy and Nanoanalysis

Prof. Hofer’s research interests focus on advanced electron microscopy of materials and nanostructures.

Prof. Oliver Kappe

Professor of Chemistry at the University of Graz (Austria); Scientific Director of the Center for Continuous Flow Synthesis and Processing (CC FLOW) at the Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE)

Prof. C. Oliver Kappe’s main research interests involve continuous flow chemistry, API manufacturing, and process intensification technologies.

Prof. Wolfgang Kern

Chair of Chemistry of Polymeric Materials, Montanuniversität Leoben; Scientific Director of the Polymer Competence Center Leoben

The research interests of Prof. Kern comprise polymer photochemistry, radiation-induced polymerization and crosslinking reactions, and the chemistry at surfaces and interfaces.

Gerhard Murer

Future Business Activities, Anton Paar

Gerhard Murer is Chief Scientist at Anton Paar and explores future business potentials.


Please use the form below to submit your proposal and upload the required documents.

All applications have to include:

  • The title of the proposal (max. 50 characters)
  • An abstract (max. 250 characters)
  • Attachment of the full proposal (max. 4 pages, 11 pt., including an outline of why the proposal is suitable)
  • A CV of each author
  • A list of corresponding publications and patent filings (if applicable)

To be eligible for consideration, applications must be submitted using this form by 11:59 pm on September 30, 2018. All applications will be made public and posted on the award website, this will include the title of the proposal, first and last name, and organization/research institution.

AP Research Award Form

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Alternative Energy Source: Gymnasium Instruments

Arnab Dutta

Larsen & Toubro Limited

Austenitemeter - rapid determination of austenite

Jiří Pechoušek & Lukáš Kouřil

Palacký University in Olomouc

Characterization of nano oils off refrigeration

Eduardo Sousa


Cohesive-Frictional Strength Characterization

Reza Keshavarzi

University of Alberta

Density measurements at high pressure

Gregor Kravanja

University of Maribor

Full automation Sugar lab system

Hany Mahrous

Atef Habib Rizk

Klebefugen messen mit Zugprüfgeräten

Gerhard Simon

Raman spectroscopy for fast analysis of biofluids

Luis Felipe Carvalho

Universidade de Taubaté

Centro Universitário Braz Cubas

Smart hydrogel-based biomedical sensor platform

Julia Körner

University of Utah

soniccatch & sonicwipe – accurate measuring

Georg Heinz

usePAT GmbH

Specifying the impacted area near abandoned mines

Armin Kavehei

Macquarie University

About Anton Paar

From its establishment in 1922, Anton Paar has evolved from a one-man locksmith’s workshop to a company specialized in precision mechanics and finally into a company that is known around the world for its highly accurate analytical instruments and measuring devices. To achieve this transformation and to further grow through innovation, Anton Paar GmbH invests 20 percent of the company’s annual turnover in research and development and is continuously thriving through collaboration with academic institutes and other research partners.