X-Ray Sources / X-Ray Optics

X-Ray Sources / X-Ray Optics

X-ray sources and optics for brilliant X-ray analysis

X-ray sources are the heart of every X-ray analytical instrument. In combination with advanced X-ray optics, they generate the required X-ray radiation for structure analysis in various fields of material and life sciences.

X-ray sources must offer perfect thermal constancy for excellent position stability of the X-ray beam as well as high intensity, even at low power levels. The design has to guarantee easy integration into advanced X-ray equipment paired with straightforward operation to keep uptimes high and to guarantee maximum radiation safety for operators and equipment.

Anton Paar’s X-ray sources are your compact and robust solutions which fulfill all these requirements.

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Premium X-ray beam brilliance at low power

Anton Paar’s microfocus sealed-tube X-ray sources, Primux 50 and Primux 100 micro, combine a new-generation X-ray tube with a superior high-voltage generator, thus providing a highly brilliant X-ray beam in a power range of up to 50 Watt.

High thermal stability due to proprietary water-cooled tube jacket

Anton Paar’s design guarantees fluctuation-free intensity of the X-ray beam. This results in excellent position stability and extends the X-ray tube’s lifetime.

Straightforward integration into any X-ray equipment

Anton Paar’s Primux X-ray sources are designed for easy and time-saving integration into any third-party X-ray instrument. A well-documented, simple software interface makes integration into any software program straightforward. Automatic power ramp-up and shutdown routines guarantee smooth operation of the maintenance-free X-ray sources and high uptime of your X-ray analytical equipment.

Clever design

Keeping a short distance between the focal spot of the X-ray tube and the X-ray optics ensures maximum possible intensity. Rare maintenance tasks, such as the replacement of the X-ray tube, are simple and keep the downtime of the analytical instrument at a minimum.


Multiple safety circuits for maximum protection of user and equipment

Anton Paar X-ray sources comply with all common regulations for use in X‑ray analytical instruments and prevent accidental exposure to X‑ray radiation during operation. Different integral safety devices, such as a thermo switch monitoring the X‑ray tube temperature, guarantee excellent equipment lifetime and maximum protection of users.



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